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Wednesday, December 25, 2013
Planetshakers song Get Up is included in the album "ONE" released on April 2009.

Zoom G1XN patch for the song Get Up - Planetshakers.

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D A, Bb, G F (2x)

D            A,      Bb,  G           F
With every breath that I take, I'll praise You
D            A,    Bb,  G           F
With every move that I make
D            A,   Bb,  G           F
With everything that I am, I'll praise You
D                A,  Bb,  G           F
‘Cause there is no other way

D         Em           F             G
We stand together with hearts joined as one
D         Em           F             G
We'll give You glory for all You have done

D     F        C          G/B
Everybody get up if you love Him
D     F       C                G/B
Everybody get up, get up and praise Him
D     F       C            G/B
Everybody get up if you're free and
Bb            C 
Give Him the praise 

Intro---- D A, Bb, G F

D Bb, C, D

Bridge: D Bb C D
You, You
Everything is all for You, You
We're living each day for You, You
Everything is all for You, You; woah-oh!

Planetshakers - Get UP

Posted by Jeffrey Pablito
Wednesday, December 18, 2013
Hillsong I'm not ashamed song  is included in the album Saviour King and was released on July 1, 2007. The song  uses a full tone wah, a jubilee overdrive, mxr boost, keely compressor etc etc.  You can use the Zoom G1XN patch provided and adjust to make it sound better.

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Hillsong- I'm not ashamed 
(Key of G)

Em  G    C      Am
When You found me
Em  G    C       Am
My whole world changed
Em  G     C      Am  Em  G  C  Am
I'm redeemed by life

Verse 2:
Em  G      C   Am
Let the earth see
Em  G       C   Am
You are freedom
Em  G       C    Am       Em  G  C  Am
Turn my darkness to light

C                 G
You welcomed me in
     D       C
With open arms
       G       D
Into unending life

C                 G
You welcomed me in
     D       C
With open arms
       G       D
Into unending life

G                      D
I'm not ashamed of the gospel Lord
      Em                    C
Your power, your Love has saved my soul now
G     D    Em
I'm alive You
I'm living the rising son.

Em  G  C      Am
I'm living the rising son.

Hillsong - I'm Not Ashamed

Posted by Jeffrey Pablito
Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Boss DS-2

features twin Turbo modes. Turbo mode basically activates a bigger, nastier distorted tone that is not unlike the Boss HM-2 Heavy Metal.This is great for playing all kinds of rock. It suits old punk, some reggae, rock, hard rock, softer metal, a wallop of what I do not play I reckon to.

Boss DS-2 patch for Zoom G1XN multi effects pedal.
boss ds2, boss pedals, g1xn patch, guitar pedals.

Boss DS-2

Posted by Jeffrey Pablito
Monday, December 9, 2013

Boss DS-1

Distortion provides a harder distortion effect for guitar and keyboard sounds.
You can get the sound you want from this in a snap. This pedal alone can get almost any sound and do it well.

The Boss DS-1 patch for zoom G1XN multi effects pedals.

boss ds1, boss pedals, guitar pedals, g1xn patch

Boss DS-1

Posted by Jeffrey Pablito
Friday, December 6, 2013


TS9 tubescreamer is pretty much a distortion pedal, it's more commonly used for solos.  It's very easy to get a nice, warm Overdrive. Any jazz or alternative artist would love this pedal.

I make a patch for zoom G1XN of Ibanez tubesceamer. You can adjust some of parameters to sound like Ibanez.

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Posted by Jeffrey Pablito
Thursday, November 14, 2013

Zoom G1XN

manual in case you lost your copy.

zoom g1xn manual, g1xn manual, G1n manual, zoom g1xn

zoom g1xn manual, zoom manual, g1xn manual, g1n manual

Zoom G1XN manual

Posted by Jeffrey Pablito
zoom g1xn, guitar pedals, g1xn, zoom g1xn guitar multi effects pedals

The Zoom G1XN

guitar multi effects pedal is fairly easy to use for both beginners and experts alike. Another useful feature that I like is the built in tuner it has, while it may not be the most pinpoint accurate tuner in the world, it works well enough as a replacement in case you've lost your other one. Play a very diverse range of music,  It is an excellent space saver for any pedal board at an unbeatable price. The manual is straight forward for the most part, however, as with most products, you end up figuring out how it works on your own. Once you get the hang of this unit, you'll enjoy editing. Zoom G1XN have a total of eight modules provide and 54 effect types, User can make 40 patch and the rest 40 are preset. Zoom G1XN can be powered by four AA/LR6 alkaline batteries or you can use the AC adapter (AD-0006) for extended use. Because of the compact size and light weight of G1XN you can carry and put in a gig bag. Although the plastic buttons and stitches look rather cheap, the structural integrity of the pedal is still 100%. Overall the Zoom G1XN is a very nice multi effects pedal to use not only because of affordability but also of everything you need to have more fun at playing guitar or more serious guitar business, is inside that Zoom G1XN guitar multi effects pedal.

Zoom G1XN Guitar Multi Effects Pedal

Posted by Jeffrey Pablito
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